Copy of ABOUT

Mom of two boys, Jack and Lochlan
Has a steady sidekick, and the love goes both ways.
Inspired by colour, nature, travel, fashion and other makers!
Loves to layer jewelry over a white tank and jeans
Listens (and sings!) to all genres of music, even rap
Favourite movies: Anchorman, Signs, The Family Stone
Keeps a very tidy house unless you open a closet door or drawer…
Never needs help lifting anything
Kindred spirit seeker (and finder!)
Loves sun, sand and the beach…always and forever
Loves her friends and lover of wine…
Coming from a very artistic family, Saskia has a real passion and talented eye for jewelry and the many styles it can take on.  She is an independent jewelry designer, finding unique treasures and putting them together with sandalwood, stone, silver… all things she likes to wear.  Saskia loves pieces that never come off, and layering them with pieces that do!  Every piece is unique, which is the beauty of Saskia de Vries Handmade.
For any questions or support or even to say hello, email Saskia de Vries at or call 9053206637 to schedule an appointment at my studio.