I wear every-day jewelry.  It's what I love to make.

Where does my inspiration for this come from? 

When I really started to think about it, Elle Macpherson has a bit to do with why I wear this kind of jewelry!  I was drawn to and inspired by the her the minute I saw her in photographs years ago and today.  Elle NEVER strays from her own style.   One’s personal style comes from many influences, but ultimately, its what makes you feel comfortable and beautiful that dictates what you wear and that includes jewelry.   Elle layers jewelry expertly, but in a very bohemian, comfortable-in-her-own-skin way.  She is natural and effortless and that is because she stays true to herself.   I have watched her wear layered sandalwood necklaces and multiple varied bracelets on her wrists, without looking overdone or dressy, and she even wears these layers with a bikini!  And YES, you can do that!  So inspired by people like Elle, I like to feel like I have a laid-back, boho style, as if I’ve never left the beach far behind. (I just happen to live in the wrong climate;)

In the last 6 months, I have gotten rid of a good portion of my closet.  Every single item that doesn’t feel ‘me’ has been given away or sold.  I’m left with the clothes that make me feel good and that I cannot wait to wear again:  distressed blue jeans, white jeans, leggings, kimonos, long dresses, my beloved rocker tees, and of course I kept everything that was black…in other words, all my winter clothing! Thats not to say that I don't shop! Thanks to local boutiques like Joelle’s clothing and some of my other favourite haunts, I find basics as well as special pieces that I will keep forever.  And the same goes for jewelry. When I put on a wood or stone beaded necklace, it makes me feel good, as if I’ve added something special to my outfit, and it inspires me to further pursue that free-spirited bohemian vibe that I so love to radiate. My beaded necklaces together with silver layers are free-spirited and…perfectly imperfect.   All of my bracelets are beautiful on their own or layered.  I love to layer different bracelets, be it metal, wood, stone, crystal and then throw my watch on as well!  The more the merrier. And by the way, I’ve had a long love affair with wrap bracelets and finally found something special to wrap around my wrist or my ankle!

What may be for me, may not be for everyone else, but I do aim to show you in future blogs, and on my pages, how I like to dress, where I find treasures, and show what inspires me!

So...a little thanks goes to Elle, wherever you are…

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