The Creative Process

Wow, I cannot believe I am doing this… I am sure this has been said by anyone who has ever started up a small business, but here I am saying it out loud in a blog that I am learning to write.

After working in the sponsorship and marketing world for high-tech companies for over ten years, and then going from consulting gig to consulting gig for a few more, I had finally decided to stay home and manage our busy household, which is truly enjoyable... most of the time.  I, like many mothers, have been in constant search of BALANCE.   I want to spend time with my kids, create and maintain a relatively peaceful home for my crazy-busy husband, spend time with my girlfriends, volunteer, but I also want to DO something.  Do something creative.  

I come from a family of artists.  My father was a beautiful painter, singer and a perfectionist in all his other hobbies, including wood working and flipping houses before it became cool. My mother is a water colour artist, and a jeweler, hand-blowing her own glass beads and incorporating them into beautiful pieces of jewelry.  She is also an incredible gardener and literally make Anything grow!  My brother is an artist and draftsmen, my sister is a very talented artist and a writer, and my other sister also has the gift of beautiful painting and drawing among many other talents!  

And me, the baby of the family?  For 35 years, I figured that talent had just skipped me     My passion has always been fashion and putting things together, and I started beading one day long ago, just for fun.  I eventually started selling my bracelets to friends and then friends of friends, and finally started to branch out and make necklaces and finer pieces of jewelry.  My favourite hours are when I get to go into my studio and play.  

To be quite honest, I am in awe of myself for doing this, considering my highs and lows of confidence over the last few months.    Starting something new, no matter what it is, can be very daunting and this is probably the biggest thing I have done in some time. This process has been a very important experience for me, with many late nights of thinking, planning and researching.   I have gone from the highs of declaring myself a true artist to the lows of ‘I should just quit.’  A wonderful friend of mine, who is a very talented artist herself, sent me the quote below to explain the artistic torment or angst that keeps us searching…

The Creative Process

  1. This is awesome
  2. This is tricky
  3. This is shit
  4. I am shit
  5. This might be ok
  6. This is awesome.

                          Marcus Romer

I have the above posted in my studio so that I can review it when I need to.  Like, every day.  

Someone advised me a few months ago – “You either take the dive and do it, or it forever remains a hobby.   Which is fine, but either do it, or don’t do it!”  

So I did it.

Makers gonna make.




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